I’m trying something new. I’ve partnered with a good friend, also a Christian woman of color in technology, on a podcast series called “Waiting to Download: Race & Gender in Tech.”

Launching a podcast is no joke, especially since we’re both novices. From coming up with a name, to outlining episodes, the planning process has taken us months. Then one day, using a DIY music studio, we face the mics, take a few deep breaths, and hit “record.”

I have to say, the process of recording itself has been a gift – allowing me to revisit past experiences with a friend and share what I’ve learned from them. There’s something powerful in sharing out loud – in the spoken word, that I feel is different than writing. Beyond the therapeutic side benefits though, I believe this podcast explores how we, as people of faith, struggle and deal with the different issues of race and gender in the workplace.

I want to invite you to check out our podcast.

Listen here.

Here’s a brief description of each episode.

Episode 0: Waiting to Download Preview (4:00)

Episode 1: You’re in Corporate America, Now What? (35:31)

In our inaugural episode, we introduce who we are, focusing on Geri’s early experiences in Corporate America and tech. From the initial awe of actually getting there to a sense of disillusionment, we talk about the good, the bad and the ugly.  

Episode 2: Addressing the Elephant in the Room (25:51)

In this episode, Geri & Jess have an open and honest conversation about the elephant in the room – gender AND race. They talk about the Google Manifesto, hair, looks, and what it’s like showing up in the workplace as women of color.

Episode 3: The Only One in the Room (22:19)

In this episode, Geri & Jess have a special guest, Geri’s husband, Winston, who’s also in tech. They talk about what it’s like to be the only person of color in the room, share their different experiences, and how they deal with this reality as people of faith.

Three more episodes will be added to Season 1. You can listen on iTunes, SoundCloud, Castbox, or Spotify. Please let me know what you think!

For those in tech and are people of color, I hope God speaks to you through the stories and experiences shared. Even if you’re not a person of color, or in tech, I hope this podcast provides new perspectives.