I’ve decided to try a new medium. I don’t know what to call it. A lot longer than a blog post. Not quite an eBook. Really it’s more like a manuscript. In it, you’ll find four of the talks I’ve given over the last four years. You’ll read common themes but also discover some new ones.

I’m calling it –  Jess Talks.  It’s free and available for a limited time.


Download the PDF here.

Here’s a brief description of each talk.

“Why We Go” (2014) sets the foundation for everything I do. Based on Luke 10 and the sending of the 70, I first learned the concepts at the Christian fellowship I was a part of for four years at the University of California, Riverside. There’s something to be said about sovereign foundations. More than twenty years later, I still seek to apply what this means for me every day.

“Ethics” (2017) is not really a formal talk, but I hijacked a request to talk about my faith and work experience to share some deeper reflections on what’s going on in America at the time and push the low standards we have for ethics in the business world. The audience is a group of undergraduate seniors at a private Christian university who are taking a class on business ethics.

“The God Who Is Faithful” (2017) is a sermon I gave at a predominantly African-American church. I was given a passage to preach in Genesis – the first time I’ve ever tackled an OT text. Preparing for this really helped me understand God’s covenant with Israel and its significance. I love being able to weave in Asian cultural references, as I try to be cross-cultural and teach at the same time.

“Work, Treasure, and the Kingdom” (2018) tackles what Jesus teaches about what we treasure and the kingdom of God. I talk about The Parable of the Rich Fool, then about seeking the kingdom to a group of young, successful Christian professionals mostly from Indonesia and Kenya.

These talks have been edited from their original form to fit this medium and to protect the identities of some individuals mentioned in my stories. A note of disclaimer: Thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and do not represent any of the organizations I was, or am, a part of.

My hope is these talks will bless and encourage you as a fellow traveler on the journey.


Jess Hsieh